Shopping For Neighbors

If you are willing to shop for groceries or supplies for people who are sick or at-risk, probably the best way to deal with this is for all of us to simply check on our neighbors to see what they need.  If everyone will simply check on the 5 neighbors closest to them, we could cover the need in our entire community.

Meals for Children

Because some children may struggle with healthy food options during this time, Berkeley County Schools has made drive-thru pick up lunches and snacks available to all students from 11am to 12noon Monday thru Friday at

14 different Berkeley County Schools.  Cane Bay High School is one of those locations. The lunch pick up is available in a drive through loop off Marshall Acres Dr. on the right side of the high school. Eggs Up Grill is also offering free lunches to all children under 12 years of age on Mondays through Fridays for 11am until 1pm during the school closures.  Rio Chico is also offering free kid’s meals to kids 12 and under from 11 to 1 on Monday through Friday. Some children may need these meals, but may not have the transportation to get them. Again, please check on your neighbors to see if you can assist in helping their children get these meals each week day.

Blessing Box

A Blessing Box was placed in front of Church at Cane Bay by the Girl Scouts to assist our neighbors with non-perishable food items and baby items such as diapers, formula, and wipes.  In the last week, we have noticed that there is high traffic with people needing the items and people re-supplying the items. Please consider purchasing canned or box food items or baby supplies on your next trip to the store and

simply drive by and restock the Blessing Box.

Yard Work

As we move into the spring, there is a great need for outside work in our communities. Some of our neighbors that are over 60, immuno-compromised, or even single parents may have a difficult time taking care of their yards. What can you do to be helpful? Cut grass? Weed flower beds? Trim shrubs?

Write Encouragement

Now may not be the best time to have people over to our homes, or even to have close conversations, but it is a wonderful time to write notes or cards to your neighbors.  How can you encourage your neighbor through words that express how thankful you are for them?  How can you express the hope of Jesus through written word to them?

Support Local Businesses

During this period of social distancing, our local businesses can take a major financial hit. Many small businesses are still offering carryout or delivery services. Make sure to go out of your way to support local restaurants and businesses!

Charleston Hope Donations

Berkeley County School System has pinpointed 450 families in our community that are in great need through this pandemic. We, along with 3 other churches in Berkeley County, are joining with Charleston Hope and collecting non-perishable food items, paper goods/toiletries, and baby items (diapers/formula) on Saturdays and Wednesdays from 4pm to 6pm. If you can donate or help connect, just reach out to

Let's Get Creative!

Share any other ideas you might have of how we can love our neighbors and meet needs! Post your ideas to Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #loveyourneighbor !