Join a missional community!

  • Cane Bay high school missional community

    Led by: Josh and Crystal Gore

    When: Sundays at 12pm

    Mission: The Cane Bay High MC serves at Cane Bay High encouraging the staff and faculty in the valuable work that they do each day through various acts of service. Email Josh and Crystal.

  • Single Parents missional community

    Led by: Darren and Heather Turner

    When: Sundays at 5pm

    Mission: The Single Parent MC exists to reach and love single parents with the gospel of Jesus in our circle of accountability. Email Darren and Heather.

  • Cane Bay Academy missional community

    (For High School Students)

    Led by: Rick and Brandi Norwood

    When: Sundays at 6:00pm

    Mission: The Cane Bay Academy MC is for High School Students and reaches out to serve the staff at Cane Bay Academy Preschool.  Email Rick and Brandi. 

  • Eagle Harbor House 2 Missional Community

    Led by: Will and Susan Oswald

    When: Mondays at 6pm

    Mission: The Eagle Harbor House 2 MC exists to encourage and support the work at Eagle Harbor House 2 by loving the boys and providing support to the house parents. Email Will and Susan.

  • Cane Bay elementary missional community

    Led by: Mark and Heidi Treen

    When: Tuesdays at 6pm

    Mission: The Cane Bay Elementary MC serves the staff of Cane Bay Elementary School by providing the staff with expressions of love through meals, gifts, and moments of service. Email Mark and Heidi.

  • Aging Care missional community

    Led by: Johnnie and Vicki Sides

    When: Wednesdays at 6:30pm

    Mission: This MC works to serve the aged population of Cane Bay by finding opportunities to minister to them where they are.  Email Johnnie and Vicki.

  • Nexton Elementary missional community

    Led by: Jared and Danielle Douthit

    When: Wednesdays at 6:00pm

    Mission: The Nexton Elementary MC encourages the staff and students of Nexton Elementary with supportive service through food, gifts, and by building relationships. Email Jared and Danielle.

  • Eagle Harbor House 1 missional community

    Led by: Charlie and Adrian Swain

    When: Thursdays at 6pm

    Mission: This MC serves Eagle Harbor Boy’s Ranch House 1, building relationships with the boys and supporting the work of the house parents. Email Charlie and Adrian.

  • Cane Bay Neighbors missional community

    Led by: Dan and Kim Caskie

    When: Thursdays at 6:30pm

    Mission: The Cane Bay Neighbors MC works to be an encouraging force out in our community by welcoming new community members and providing moments to bring the community together. Email Dan and Kim.

  • Cane bay middle school MISSIONAL community

    Led by: Joel and Emily Ainsworth

    When: Thursdays at 6pm

    Mission: The Cane Bay Middle MC serves the faculty and staff of Cane Bay Middle, serving at events, providing meals and gifts, and giving thanks for the hard work they do. Email Joel and Emily.