resources for parents

Parents! Looking for some more tools to use? Here we hope to support you with some resources that will help you along your journey as a parent and encourage you on your own personal walk with God!

the stages of life

Walk, Talk, Milestones, & Spiritual Orphans are all the stages of a child's life. Below, you may find descriptions of each of these life stages as well as resources to help parents in being the primary spiritual influence in their child's life.

  • Most of life happens along the way and we want you ready to influence your child along the way; like asking kids how their day went works great on the 1st day of school. We have Walk Resources that will hands down work just as well for the rest of the year.

  • Talking is the planned time for a parent to show their kids who God is. Whatever plan works is the best plan, but have a plan. Check out some of our Talk Resources to help make a good plan.

    Click the "TALK" picture to watch a quick video explaining this stage of life.

  • milestones

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  • spiritual orphans

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