Missional Communities

The lifeblood of Church at Cane Bay is our Missional Communities. An "MC" is a community of people who are gathered together around a specific mission in our community. They meet weekly to build community, study Scripture, and serve the mission God has given them. You can sign up for a Missional Community by clicking HERE. If you aren't sure about signing up, and would like to visit some groups, you can email the leaders via their email addresses below.


Join a missional community

  • Cane bay middle school MISSIONAL community

    Led by: Joe and Jessica Ehritz

    When: Sunday at 1pm

    Mission: The Cane Bay Middle MC serves the faculty and staff of Cane Bay Middle, serving at events, providing meals and gifts, and giving thanks for the hard work they do.

    Email Joe and Jessica

  • Nexton elementary STAFF Missional Community

    Led by: David and Stephanie Weiss

    When: Sunday at 12:30pm

    Mission: The Nexton Elementary Staff MC supports the work of the administration, teachers, and staff of Nexton Elementary by meeting needs and displaying the good news of Jesus. 

    Email Joe and Heather


    Led by: Daniel and Stephanie Norman

    When: Sunday at 1:00pm

    Mission: The Nexton Elementary Students MC works to serve the students of Nexton, expressing the hope of Jesus to them in practical ways.

    Email Daniel and Stephanie

  • NEXTON COMMUNITY missional community

    Led by: Ross and Rachel Parker

    When: Sunday at 1pm

    Mission: This MC works to bring together the community of Nexton and be a tangible expression of the gospel to the community there.

    Email Ross and Rachel

  • Doors to Freedom missional community

    Led by: Darren and Heather Turner

    When: Sunday at 5pm

    Mission: The Doors to Freedom MC exists to support the work of Doors to Freedom who provides care and support to those freed from trafficking..

    Email Darren and Heather


    Led by: Jeff and Jeni Zapor

    When: Monday at 6:00pm

    Mission: The We Care MC supports and cares for the 55+ members of our community, displaying the love of Jesus in every act of service and care. 

    Email Jeff and Jeni

  • cane bay high Missional community

    Led by: Matt and Kim Downing

    When: Monday at 6pm

    Mission: The Cane Bay High MC supports the work of the staff and admin at Cane Bay High, modeling the love of Jesus as they serve.

    Email Matt and Kim

  • Berkeley Prep AcaDemy Missional Community

    Led by: Will and Susan Oswald

    When: Monday at 6pm

    Mission: The Berkeley Prep Academy MC supports the work of the staff and teachers at Berkeley Prep, showing the love of Jesus as they love the community at Berkeley Prep.

    Email Will and Susan

  • Honduras Missional Community

    Led by: Jared and Danielle Douthit

    When: Monday at 6pm

    Mission: The Honduras MC supports the work of Legacy Mission International as they provide help and gospel presence to the nation of Honduras.

    Email Jared and Danielle

  • marriage Mentors missional community

    Led by: Brian and Jaime Sheppard

    When: Tuesday at 6pm

    Mission: The Marriage Mentors MC reaches out to provide support for marriages in our community by loving families towards Jesus through help and resources.

    Email Brian and Jaime

  • Anxiety and Depression Care Missional Community

    Led by: Phil Johnson

    When: Tuesday at 6pm

    Mission: The Anxiety and Depression Care MC shows support and care to those in our community struggling and in need of hope.

    Email Phil

  • Cane Bay elementary missional community

    Led by: Mark and Heidi Treen

    When: Thursday at 6pm

    Mission: The Cane Bay Elementary MC serves the staff of Cane Bay Elementary School by providing the staff with expressions of love through meals, gifts, and moments of service.

    Email Mark and Heidi

  • care for special needs families Missional community

    Led by: Dennis and Cynthia Farrar

    When: Thursday at 6pm

    Mission: The Care for Special Needs Families MC works to serve the special needs families in our community, showing them the love and support of Jesus. 

    Email Dennis and Cynthia

  • FOSTER CARE missional community

    Led by: Joel and Emily Ainsworth

    When: Thursday at 6:00pm

    Mission: The Foster Care MC works to support and encourage existing foster families, as well as to promote the need for foster care in our community.

    Email Joel and Emily